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THE chair talks to you through its form. It asks you to lean back a little further and relax your shoulders, or to sit up straight and listen to those around you with fond, rapt attention. The chair is the quiet, contemplative extra party member at every dining-out experience.


Charvi Shrimali observes the hidden lives of chairs through her photo series of eateries across different cities in India. Her photographs document spaces that are built for bustle and social interaction in rare moments of stillness.

2020-04-06 10.30.16 1.jpg
2020-04-06 10.15.41 1.jpg
2020-04-06 10.32.46 1.jpg
2020-05-20 10.50.25 1.jpg
2019-02-24 08.36.43 2.jpg
2020-03-31 05.38.47 1 (1).jpg
2019-07-09 01.22.51 1.jpg

Charvi Shrimali is a visual designer with a keen interest in gardening, noodles and skincare. She graduated from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore with a major in Visual Communication and Strategic Branding and a minor in Contemporary Art Practices.

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