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From the Editor

I saw an unusual flashmob in Paris, after a year of being either inside or home by six in the evening. 'On veut continuer à danser encore', they sang. The dances were uncoordinated, the crowd around them was ridiculously small and the voices barely audible over the sounds of trains nearby. It wasn’t about being perfectly in sync, it was about letting it out. As if our minds got too big for the rest of our bodies. When we leap about, when we jump, throw our head back and flail our arms around, it’s because we’re too small to contain it. 

In this issue, we release all that we cannot contain, through words, colours, visuals and music. Daily steps are traced, some careful and some loud, and mundane things are turned into a dance. The desire to feel whole again is woven through all these stories—let it give birth to a rhythm inside your head.


This issue is our very own flashmob, as we stop in the middle of the crowd and let movement take us where it will. 

Carla Pelosoff


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