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Spacebar is currently accepting submissions for its fall issue.



In her poem "The Patience of Ordinary Things" Pat Schneider writes ‘I've been thinking about the patience/Of ordinary things, how clothes/Wait respectfully in closets/And soap dries quietly in the dish’. These lines, and the poem in its entirety, encapsulate the theme of our next and final issue of the year. 

We’re looking for work that looks closely at the acts of kindness that surround us, the ways in which we look after each other, the way inanimate objects care for living creatures, the way our hands hold on lovingly to people and things in equal measure, and of course, as always, everything in between. 

Contributors will be PAID. 

We are open to both pitches and drafts of fiction, essays, poetry, art, photography, film, music and multi-disciplinary work.

Submissions can be sent to by 5 November 2022.


  • Submissions can take the form of pitches or drafts. Pitches should be no longer than 500 words.

  • Multiple submissions are welcome, but please send all submissions in a single email.

  • If your work is accepted for submission elsewhere, please notify us immediately.

  • We aim to be a space for inclusive storytelling. All ages, races, genders and nationalities are welcome to submit. 

  • If you are a visual artist who would like to illustrate for us, please submit your portfolio. You may also submit specific pieces in response to the issue's theme.  


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